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Màn chiếu kéo lên Sapphire - 122 x 91cm (4: 3) - (SFL122P)
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Thương hiệu: Sapphire Mã hàng: SFL122P
The Sapphire Standard Portable Pull-Up is an ideal screen for travelling, whether it's from room to room or around the country. These screens are available in both business presentation (4:3) and home cinema (16:9) formats...
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Màn chiếu treo tường Sapphire - 140 x 105cm (4:3) - (SWS150BV)
Liên hệ Đặt hàng 4-6 tuần
Thương hiệu: Sapphire Mã hàng: SWS150BV
DESC - Sapphire manual projector screens have been designed with a contemporary, minimalist style. The screens are a good choice for home cinema settings however are sturdy enough for frequent use within the educational or corporate sector. ..
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